RoseHouse: Box Subscription Service

RoseHouse Box Subscription Service is a speculative project about a real store that is near my apartment in Denver. I wanted to see how I could translate a real life brick and mortar store digitally. What would an online store for RoseHouse look like?

RoseHouse façade
RoseHouse façade — Photo taken from RoseHouse's Facebook page

RoseHouse is a strange store. It’s not the kind of place you deliberately leave your home to go to. It’s the kind of place you chance upon after a boozy brunch at any of the many restaurants that pepper South Broadway. I’m not sure what the circumstances were that took me there in the first place, but once you enter you are engulfed in a landscape of decorative plants, crystals, amulets, and artist prints.

I began my investigation by combing through RoseHouse’s Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews. I wanted to see how the store existed in the minds of it’s costumers. By grouping similar sentiments, I tallied the most common and ranked them. Most common perceptions of RoseHouse from online reviews were:

  1.  “I LOVE the look of the store”
  2. “The staff are knowledgeable and helpful”
  3. “Good for gifts”
  4. “I appreciate the high quality & wide variety of products”
  5. “Too expensive”